Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup – Recover – Relax

Data loss happens. We work hard to protect your organization from losing data. Human error is the #1 cause of data-loss events, which makes it hard to prevent. If you’ve ever lost data, you know firsthand how important it is to have a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. The right backup solutions will help you worry less and stay productive in case of a problem.

Right Technologies To Reduce Risks Unique To Your Business

Your data may be on-premise or in the cloud. No matter where it is, BACK IT UP!

We offer a backup and disaster recovery solution for the servers in your office and cloud backup services for individual desktops and data already in the cloud (like Microsoft Office 365).

Keys To A Great Back Up Plan

Frequent Backups

Your data changes often. We’ll perform backups throughout the day to make sure we keep up with the changes. Plus, the backups will be automatic to make sure the job gets done without any thought.

Fast Restore

Visual Edge IT can provide the hardware and software for your customized backup plan. Having the backups on site allows for the fastest access to your data.

Business Community

The images from the backup can be used to keep your business running, whether the issue is failed equipment or a disaster.


We’ll take care of monitoring for any issues and testing the ability to recover data if ever needed.

Disaster Protection

You don’t have to be afraid of disaster if you have a plan and understand the risk. Think ahead and protect your critical data: whether you’re storing hard drives in waterproof/fireproof storage or electing to send data off site to our datacenter nightly. We’ll help you choose the strategy that makes the most sense for your business.

See what your technology can do…