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Manufacturer Challenges We Solve

Document Challenges

  • Merging Hardcopy & Digital Documents
  • Unpredictable Print Related Expenses
  • Limited Cost Visibility and Control
  • Unsecure Data / Information
  • Avoidable Waste
  • Fragmented Purchasing (IT & Purchasing)
  • Mobile Print Issues
  • Poor Recycling Practices
  • Regulatory Compliance Risks

Technology Challenges

  • Computer Hardware Support
  • Network Performance
  • Software Upgrades
  • Lack of IT Resources
  • No Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Cloud Integration
  • Security Threats
  • Mobile Readiness

Productivity, Quality and Cost Savings with Technology Products and Services.

With the increase in global and local competition, manufacturers have been forced to rethink their technology strategy to improve business functions to remain ahead of game.  Many manufacturers still rely on a mix of hardcopy and digital documentation for their product development, production, quality control and distribution.  These are the areas that

Technocom can create value by optimizing your office technology and how information flows from each department. With improved workflows and increased productivity, we expect you to see a reduction of cost and an increase to your top line and bottom line results.

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