Small & Midsize Business

SMB Challenges We Solve:

Document Challenges

  • Unpredictable Printing Costs

  • No Print Restrictions

  • Unsecure Hardcopy Information

  • Paper Intensive Processes

  • Avoidable Waste / Expense

  • Space Requirements for Hardcopy Storage

  • Mobile Printing

  • Regulatory Compliance

Technology Challenges

  • Computer Hardware Support

  • Network Performance

  • Software Upgrades

  • Lack of IT Resources

  • No Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Cloud Integration

  • Data Security Threats

  • Mobile Readiness

Small Business growth with Technology Solutions

Technocom has been built on servicing this particular market space. We completely understand what it takes to grow as we started as a small business in 1987. Controlling costs while providing your employees the tools to improve their productivity is something we found can be a huge difference maker. With limited resources, achieving your goals usually takes a combination of innovative thinking along with a technology strategy that compliments each other.

Together, we can help you focus on your business, not your technology. We will help you leverage the right solutions to achieve your business goals. In order to do this, we must first understand what those goals are so that we can align the right products and solutions that work with you not against you. We can help by reducing the document related costs and supporting your IT needs.

Services for small and Medium sized businesses

With our portfolio of SMB solutions will help optimize what your currently are spending on your technology infrastructure. Our goal is for you to delivery more value by improving productivity and reducing cost.

Helping SMBs Thrive

  • Cost savings & control
  • Information security
  • Technololgy support
  • Cyber Security needs
  • Business continuity solutions
  • Remote work capabilities
  • Simplified billing
  • Waste reduction
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